Kevin, Ed and MikeThe Fort is a comedy podcast hosted by Kevin Ford, Ed Galvez and Mike Costantini who are three improvisational actors and stand up comedians in Los Angeles. The show features top talented guest comics, hilarious radio sketches and all things action, sci-fi and horror. Past guests have included T.J. Miller (Cloverfield, She's Out Of Your League, Get Him To The Greek, Yogi Bear), Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Cinematic Titanic), Matt Braunger (MADtv, Live At Gotham, Carpoolers, Pushing Daisies), Brian Scolaro (Stacked, Men Of A Certain Age, Conan O'brien, Live At Gotham and Comedy Central Presents: Brian Scolaro), Matt McCarthy (AMC's Action Pack, Comedy Central, The Other Guys and Mr. Tambourine Man), Ron Lynch (The Sarah Silverman Program, Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Raising Dad and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, Home Movies, Tom Goes To The Mayor and Bob's Burgers), Leonard Robinson (Wild N' Out, Speed Dating) and Josh Fadem (30 Rock, Reno 911, Weeds, and The Midnight Show). The Fort Podcast is where you hang out and pretend with your favorite comics.

The Hosts

Mike Costantini

Mike CostantiniMike Costantini is the engineer/producer/co-host of The Fort podcast. Costantini is a music composer for film and television whose music has appeared on "The X-Files," "ER," "Las Vegas," "America's Next Top Model," "NCIS" and FOX Sports NFL broadcasts. He won an Emmy in 2004 as an assistant composer on "Static Shock" and was nominated in 2003. He can be seen performing improv comedy around Los Angeles with his team Pangea. The Los Angeles native also engineers, produces and performs in The Second Column podcast. He also produces/schleps for the The Ronna & Beverly Podcast. You can also follow Mike on Twitter.

Kevin Ford

Kevin FordKevin Ford is co-host of The Fort Podcast. He is a native of the California Bay Area and currently resides in Los Angeles.  His dabblings include improv, sketch writing, and the occasional stand-up gig.  He'd like to thank all his fans for giving his life meaning and a special thanks for his dad's ballsack, without which he wouldn't be here.  Kevin hopes you enjoy being a regular listener of The Fort Podcast.  Kevin's happy when you're happy. Follow Kevin on Twitter.

Ed Galvez

Ed GalvezEd Galvez is the host and producer of The Fort Podcast. He originates from Salinas California and has been doing stand up, sketch and Improv all over the country. Ed has been seen in a number of commercials, on MTV and in The History Channel's "History of The Joke." He hosts a weekly stand up show at M.I.'s Westside Comedy Theater called "The Ed Galvez Punk House" and performs all over the city with his Improv team Pangea. Follow Ed on Twitter and Tumblr. Ed's stand-up album is available on iTunes and on Amazon. For more information about Ed check out www.edgalvez.net.


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