Episode 27: Days of Punk and Glory

Joe SibComedian/frontman/record label owner Joe Sib joins The Fort Podcast to talk about the art of whistling, couples fighting at Ikea, Santa Cruz, surf and skater culture, the Punk Rock scene, playing a show in front of Joey Ramone, hanging out with Johnny Ramone, playing a show in front of skinheads in San Fransico and the spirit of radio. Joe has been involved in the Punk Rock scene since he was 14 years old. Growing up in San Jose in the early 1980's, Sib was lucky to be a part of an early DIY scene that was home to great bands like The Faction, Los Olvidados, Social Unrest, Executioner, Crucifix, Code Of Honor and many more. He started his first band at 16 and went on his first tour at 18 opening for The Circle Jerks and 7Seconds. In 1990 Joe started a band called WAX and he spent 6 years touring and recording with them. Sib, along with partner Bill Armstrong, created SideOneDummy Records, home to such bands as: Flogging Molly, MXPX, The Suicide Machines, The Casualties, Go Betty Go, The Briggs, Bedouin Soundclash, The Dan Band, 7Seconds, Kill Your Idols and VCR. You can also hear Joe on his weekly FM radio show, "Complete Control Radio" on 98.7 FM in Los Angeles every Saturday night from 10 PM to 12 AM. Joe can be seen performing stand-up around the country and will be performing his one man show "California Calling" on May 25th at the Comedy Store main room in Hollywood California. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Joe perform two radio sketches: "Little Mirakill" written by Ed Galvez and "Frontier Justice" written by Kevin Ford.  Also in this episode Kevin talks about his speed dating experience and Ed talks about his recent New York tour. | Download Episode


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