Episode 32: Mark Saul and Sean Kearney

Mark Saul and Sean KearneyActor/writer/musician Mark Saul (Grey's Anatomy, The Social Network) and video game designer/writer/podcast host Sean Kearney join the special Halloween episode of The Fort Podcast to talk about how Mark's dad killed his pet rat, Mike's hampster named Dostoevsky, the sadness of "Toy Story 3," what it was like for The Fort to be part of the Earworlf challenge and Mike's dissatisfaction of horror movies featuring fish. Mark has had a recurring role on "Grey's Anatomy" and has appeared in the feature film "The Social Network." He has had numerous television appearances including "Desperate Houswives," "Parks and Recreation" and "Rules of Engagement." You can check out Mark in the upcoming films "Renee," Freaky Deaky" and "Red Line." Sean is a talented sketch writer, video game designer and improviser in Los Angeles. Sean and Mike co-host the long-running Second Column Podcast which is approaching 200 episodes and has featured guests including Matt Walsh, Jen Kirkman and Eddie Peppitone. Sean also appears with Ed and Mike in the long-running improv group Pangea. Sean and Mark created the sketch group Rat Pageant which currently performs hilarious comedy shows in Los Angeles. Their next show is at the Improv Olympic at 8pm on Saturday October 22. Mark and Sean are also founding members of the rock band "The Flashcards." Kevin, Ed, Mike, Sean and Mark perform three radio sketches: "The Game Show" written by Sean Kearney and Mark Saul, "Improv Class" written by Ed Galvez and "Ghost Kitty" written by Kevin Ford. The episodic series "Lor N' Holly" makes a grand return for a very special Halloween episode. Also stick around for "The Fort Wrap-Up"  as the guys discuss their past Halloween experiences. To all of The Fort listeners, we wish you all a very happy and safe Halloween! Download Episode


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