Episode 42: Jamie Flam

Jamie FlamWriter/producer/entertainer Jamie Flam (The Long Shot Podcast, Spanglers, Mortified) joins The Fort Podcast to talk about his music act "The Spanglers," the evolution of curse words, Jamie's inspirational work, life on "The Long Shot Podcast," guilty song pleasures, Jamie's hair extensions in high school and what it is like booking for The Hollywood Improv. Jamie is co-host and producer of "The Long Shot Podcast." He can be seen performing aound L.A. in his comedy music group "The Spanglers." Jamie's charity work through "Immaculata" and through his production company "La Encantata" is far reaching. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Jamie perform three radio sketches: "Dog Detective" written by Ed Galvez, "The Birthday Song" written by Jamie Flam and "Bad Criminal/Worse Criminal" written by Kevin Ford. Then, stick around for more fun with the guys in "The Fort Wrap-Up." For all things Jamie Flam go to Jamieflam.com"
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