Episode 52: Hannah Gansen

Katie CrownComedian/musician/singer Hannah Gansen joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about the craziest little kid game ever, bad waitress jobs, working with douchbags in Chicago and the most obnoxious heckler. Hannah can be seen performing all around the country with her unique style of stand-up and song performance. She has appeared at "The Fringe Festival," "The Hollywood Comedy Festival" and the "L.A. Comedy Festival." Hannah released her first music album "Al The Bum" in 2013 which was produced by "The Fort's" own Mike Costantini. Gansen is a classically trained pianist and an extremely talented singer and songwriter. You can purchase her album "Al The Bum" on iTunes and Amazon. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Hannah perform two radio sketches: "Stand-Up With Witch Mildred" written by Ed Galvez and "Sassy Sally's" written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for "The Fort Wrap-up" to hear a sample of Hannah's new album!

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