Episode 54: Emily Heller

Annie LedermanComedian/writer Emily Heller joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about her worst job, public displays of affection, Mike's knees giving out at a Frank Turner Concert, mosh pits, thoughts about New York and an announcement from Ed that takes the crew a bit by surprise. Emily is a fantastic comedian who has appeared on "Conan," "John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show" on Comedy Central and the Montreal Comedy festival to name a few. She was voted "Funniest People in Town" by 7x7 Magazine. Check her out doing stand-up around the country. Special guest Meghan Parks once again joins Ed, Kevin and Mike for a radio sketch called "Hardcore Yoga" written by Ed Galvez. Then stick around for more fun on "The Fort Wrap-Up."

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Episode 53: Annie Lederman

Annie LedermanComedian/producer/actress Annie Lederman joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about her time as a Nanny, getting in trouble in her teenage years, stealing a car, her current years of sobriety and much more. Annie is a regular panelist on "Chelsea Lately." If you are a video game fan you can hear her voice-over work in the number one selling game in the world "Grand Theft Auto V." She has a special on "Gotham Comedy Live" and has appeared in "The Soup Investigates." Annie, Mike, Kevin and Ed perform two radio sketches: "Not-Her" written by Ed Galvez with special guest actress/comedian Meghan Parks and "The Principal" written by Kevin Ford. Stick around as always for "The Fort Wrap-Up" as the guys have a lot to say since their time away. The Fort is back and strong again. Thank you for all of your patience and Kevin, Ed and Mike look forward to bringing you many new episodes. Check out Ed live in Seattle this month if you are in the city! Enjoy!!!!

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Episode 52: Hannah Gansen

Katie CrownComedian/musician/singer Hannah Gansen joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about the craziest little kid game ever, bad waitress jobs, working with douchbags in Chicago and the most obnoxious heckler. Hannah can be seen performing all around the country with her unique style of stand-up and song performance. She has appeared at "The Fringe Festival," "The Hollywood Comedy Festival" and the "L.A. Comedy Festival." Hannah released her first music album "Al The Bum" in 2013 which was produced by "The Fort's" own Mike Costantini. Gansen is a classically trained pianist and an extremely talented singer and songwriter. You can purchase her album "Al The Bum" on iTunes and Amazon. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Hannah perform two radio sketches: "Stand-Up With Witch Mildred" written by Ed Galvez and "Sassy Sally's" written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for "The Fort Wrap-up" to hear a sample of Hannah's new album!

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Episode 51: Katie Crown

Katie CrownComedian/writer Katie Crown joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about prohibition in Canada, a fantastic Yeti encounter, Kevin's encounter with a pedophile and comic books . Katie has performed at "Just For Laughs," "The Global Comedy Fest," Comedy Central's Comedians of Comedy Tour" and The San Francisco Sketchfest." She has opened for Zach Galifianakis, Paul F. Tompkins  and Neil Hamburger. She has made numerous television including "Conan," "The Nerdist" and "Funny as Hell." She can be seen performing stand-up around the country. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Katie perform two radio sketches: "Fire Drill" written by Ed Galvez and "Web Doctor" written by Kevin Ford. Happy 4th of July to all of our listeners! 


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Episode 50: Tony Sam

Brock WilburComedian Tony Sam joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk his time as a molecular biologist, a stunning fight at a bakery, pissing on Mike's glasses and marriage. Tony is the long time executive producer of the critically acclaimed comedy show "Chicago Underground Comedy." He has performed on "Comedy Bang Bang" at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and is a regular fixture at the theater performing on the monthly variety show, "The Walsh Brothers Show." He has appeared at "Just For Laughs" - Chicago, "Bridgetown," Bumbershoot" and "Attack of the Show." This is "The Fort's" 50th episode. We want to thank all of our listeners for sticking with us. We look forward to another 50 episodes!

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Episode 49: Brock Wilbur

Brock WilburComedian Brock Wilbur joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about an odd murder, awkward 911 comedy, breaking a guys nose at a Ben Folds concert and a guy with one hell of a scheme to get people to pay for his cocaine habbit. Brock can be seen performing and stand-up around the country. He recently released a comedy special called "28 Years Later." Brock, Kevin, Ed and Mike perform two radio sketches: "The Reluctant Drug Smuggler," written by Ed Galvez and "Sexiest Man Alive," written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for "The Fort Wrap-up" as Ed talks about seeing the new OZ film. For more on Brock Wilber visit his site at And a very happy Saint Patty's day to all!

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Episode 48: Jen Murphy

Jen MurphyComedienne and actress Jen Murphy joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about her experience being a nanny for a rich family, Mike's new very smart puppy, Ed's job offers he does not want, Ed and Jen's resent tour in Santa Barbara and the good old days of drinking Red Dogg beer. Jen has appeared in such television shows as "Last Comic Standing," "Comics Unleashed" and "This is Why You're Single." She can be seen performing standup around the country and Canada. Jen, Kevin, Ed and Mike perform two radio sketches: "Sad Valentines Day," written by Ed Galvez and "Cop Widow," written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for "The Fort Wrap-up" and for some revealing facts about the guys. For more on Jen Murphy visit her site at

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Episode 47: Gareth Reynolds

Naomi GrossmanComedian Gareth Reynolds joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about his horrible job dressing as superheroes for kids parties, being labeled a "bad kid" in high school, messing with people while they are sleeping and one of the funniest prank stories in the history of "The Fort ". Gareth has appeared in "A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas" and "The Real Wedding Crashers." Reynolds has a new television show coming out on MTV called "Philosophy" which is set to appear every thursday at 10:30 P.M. "He along with Kevin, Ed, and Mike perform two radio sketches: "Insanity," written by Ed Galvez and "Lost in the Woods," written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for "The Fort Wrap-up" for Ed's awkward story from his latest show in Santa Barbara. 
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Episode 46: Naomi Grossman

Naomi GrossmanComedienne and actress Naomi Grossman joins "The Fort" Podcast to talk about playing "Pepper" on this season of "American Horror Story." She shares other spicy anecdotes, like nearly breaking the bathroom door down when a man cut the ladies room line on her New Year's Eve. Naomi is a former member of the Groundlings Sunday Company. She along with Kevin, Ed, and Mike perform two radio sketches: "Going Down," written by Ed Galvez and "Gypsy Intervention," written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for "The Fort Wrap-up" as the guys explain why the show has been on hiatus for so long and about how Kevin ate 7 year old shrooms. The Fort is back! Thanks for all of your patience and enjoy the triumphant return of "The Fort!"
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Episode 45: Lauren Ashley Bishop

Lauren Ashley BishopComedian Lauren Ashley Bishop joins The Fort Podcast to talk about Chucky Cheese, dating gang members, growing up with Chelsea Clinton, Cotillion, Lauren's love of pugs, getting the most out of weddings and Ed's worst audition. Lauren performs stand-up all over the courntry and has appeared in many commercials. She has a tremendous following on Twitter and is a favorite on Whitstream. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Lauren perform two radio sketches: "Spam Salesman" written by Kevin Ford and "Somebody Help" written by Ed Galvez. Stick around for "The Fort Wrap-up" for some more fun! Make sure to follow Lauren on twitter at @sbellelauren.
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Episode 44: Joe Donatelli

Joe DonatelliHumor columnist/journalist Joe Donatelli joins The Fort Podcast to talk about Joe's article slamming The Fort, the time Joe and Mike spent as roommates, how Kevin plagiarized a Steven King novel, Ed's old poems about wizards, "Punky Brewster" and drugs, "G.I. Joe" and watching chick flicks. Joe's humor columns have appeared in many publications including The Los Angeles Times, Scripps Howard News Service, Brides, Dame and Cracked. Donatelli hosted the long-running "Second Column Podcast" which ran for two hundred episodes. Joe has also shared the stage with many great comedians performing improv and writing and performing in sketch shows and videos. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Joe perform three radio sketches: "Barely 30" written by Joe Donatelli, "A New Life" written by Ed Galvez and "Video Game Addiction Group" written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for more fun with the guys in "The Fort Wrap-Up" where Ed recaps the six year anniversary of his show "The Punk House." Follow Joe's writing on" Also, you can follow Joe on twitter at @joedonatelli. Download Episode

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