Episode 21: The Dating Wastelands

Maria ShehataEgyptian-American comedian Maria Shehata joins The Fort Podcast to talk about spending her New Year's Eve at a mansion party in the Hollywood Hills, her being featured in a documentary on Middle Eastern comedians, her upcoming tour in Egypt, the woes of online dating and Mike's horrible experience with a comic from New York. Maria has appeared on Comedy Central's "The Watch List" and Showtimes's "Bridging The Gap." She has appeared in numerous comedy festivals and can be seen performing stand-up comedy around the country and around the world. Kevin, Ed and Maria perform a radio sketch entitled "Ezmeralda's Fortune Telling" written by Ed Galvez. Stick around for "The Fort Wrap-Up" as Kevin talks about how he was recently "cock blocked" by his own parents. | Download Episode

Episode 20: My Country for a Barber

Joe WagnerSpecial guest actor/writer/director Joe Wagner joins The Fort Podcast for this very special final episode of 2010 to talk about being the mayor of nothing, sensual head massages, what happened to Natasha Lyonne, why Kevin hates going to get a haircut and Joe's philosophy on what makes a great comedy sketch show. Wagner has appeared on "The Sarah Silverman Program" and is currently directing one of the top comedy sketch shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles, "The Midnight Show." Kevin, Ed, Mike and Joe perform two radio sketches: "Broken Corazones" written by Ed Galvez and "The Two Warriors" written by Kevin Ford. Also featured is a triumphant return of the famed crime fighting duo series "Lor N' Holly" in a very special Christmas episode entiled  "A Lor N' Holly Xmas"  brought to you by Fort sponsor Half-Ass Productions. Stick around as Kevin, Ed and Mike have their final "wrap up" of 2010 with some final thoughts on a year in The Fort. The Fort Podcast would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our listeners and past guests a most happy and safe holiday season and a very happy New Year. Be sure to party "Fort style" on New Year's Eve, but do it responsibly or else Kevin or Ed could get in trouble. It has been a great first year of the podcast and we greatly appreciate all of our listeners and all of the talented guests who have contributed so much to our show. The Fort Podcast will return in 2011 for another year of all new episodes and all new radio sketches. See you all in 2011! | Download Episode


Episode 19: Now That's A Tasty Burger

Karl HessComedian Karl Hess (The Montreal Comedy Festival, Sunday Sunday Sunday Show) joins The Fort Podcast to talk about Karl's great Halloween, banging insane girls, new health trips, a bad McDonald's story, hitting rock bottom, late night binging, the Montreal Comedy Festival and eating a phenominal burger. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Karl Hess perform two radio sketches: "The Profiler" written by Kevin Ford and "Meet Your New Partner" written by Ed Galvez. Stick around for the "wrap up" after the show as Kevin, Ed and Mike discuss many fine things happening in their lives.  | Download Episode

Episode 18: Naked Women in a Warehouse

Mike BridenstineComedian/actor/writer Mike Bridenstine joins The Fort Podcast's Thanksgiving episode to talk about nicknames, awkward dad experiences, nude beaches, Kevin's ugly women theory, Mike's brief employment with a cult, baseball cards, sweating problems, the time Mike's neighbor broke into his appartement naked and under the influence of shrooms and Kevin and Mike's experiences while smoking salvia. Mike was selected as a "new face" at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He has also performed in the Las Vegas and the Leicester Comedy festivals. His television credits include "Last Call with Carson Daly," "The Smoking Gun Presents World's Dumbest" as well as numerous national commerials. You can hear Mike on his own podcast Gentlemen Scumbags available on iTunes. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Mike B. perform two radio sketches: "Primate Care" written by Ed Galvez and "Stormy Night" written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for a rather unusual episode wrap-up from Kevin, Ed and Mike. The Fort would like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Thank you to all of those who are listening and all of those who have written in about our show. | Download Episode

Episode 17: Sex and the Spiders

Leonard RobinsonActor/comedian Leonard Robinson joins The Fort Podcast to talk about Mike's hypochondria, sleeping with spiders, Ed's close encounter with herpies and Kevin's knowledge of history. Leonard is widly known as a series regular on MTV's "Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out" and the critically acclaimed ESPN mini-series "The Bronx is Burning." He stars in the new movie "Speed Dating" and can be seen performing stand-up at clubs and colleges around the country. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Leornard perform two radio sketches: "Meeting the Parents" written by Ed Galvez and "Driving Miss Quackers" written by Kevin Ford. The show ends with Kevin describing some rather disturbing dreams.  | Download Episode

Episode 16: Happy Halloween

Emily Maya MillsComedian Emily Maya Mills joins The Fort Podcast for our very special Halloween episode to talk about delivering babies, her recent trip to Hawaii, Mike's dealings with a crooked cop,  scary fish horror movies, hot sex scenes in classic movies and, of course, halloween costumes.  Emily is a featured performer at the Upright Citizens Briagade Theater Los Angeles. She can be seen performing stand-up comedy around the country and is a founding member and performer in the sketch group "Birds of Prey." She has hosted promos on the Travel Channel, Game Show Network and Soap Net. Guest star appearances include "Derek & Simon: The Show, directed by Bob Odenkirk," "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and "The New Andy Dick Show." Kevin, Ed, Mike and Emily perform three sketches: "Jane's Ex-Boyfrien written by Kevin Ford, "The Great Golden Gun" written by Emily Maya Mills and "Your Pal" written by Ed Galvez. Stick around as always for Ed, Kevin and Mike's drunkin' leftover comments. On a side note, we apologize for the lack of episodes in the month of October. We suffered a computer crash and we lost a few episodes. The Fort Podcast is now back in full force and you can look forward to many more great episodes, guests, and radio sketches. Happy Halloween to you all! Please celebrate Halloween "Fort Style" which involves horror movies and booze. But celebrate responsibly or else Kevin and Ed can get in a lot of trouble. | Download Episode

Episode 15: Welcome to Los Angeles

Kyle KinaneComedian Kyle Kinane (Live At Gotham, Last Call with Carson Daily, Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival and TBS's Very Funny Show) joins the The Fort podcast to talk about texting destinies, Ed's trip across the country, Kyle and Matt Braunger getting robbed after a gig, classic boom boxes, love in the Stone Age and bad Jennifer Aniston movies. Kyle has just released his comedy debute album "Death of the Party" for ASpecialThings Records which is available in stores and on iTunes. He has enjoyed high-profile touring gigs with comedians Patton Oswalt and Brian Posehn. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Kyle perform two radio sketches: "Training Day" written by Ed Galvez and "Love Talk from the Black Lagoon" written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for the end of the show as Kevin, Ed and Mike talk about all things movies and sex. | Download Episode

Episode 14: Kitchen Nightmares

Raj DesaiComedian Raj Desai (The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central's Live at Gotham) joins The Fort Podcast to talk about horrible restaurant stories, performing with homeless people, Ed's AA meetings and getting fired. Raj was a runner-up in Comedy Central's Open Mic Fight 2007 and can currently be seen performing in comedy clubs around the country. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Raj perform two radio sketches: "The Final Exorcist" written by Ed Galvez and "We're Letting You Go" written by Raj Desai. Also in this episode we are excited to have the long awaited next installment of "The Adventures of Lor N' Holly" compliments of our sponsor Half-Ass Productions. | Download Episode


Episode 13: The Lost Future

Dwayne PerkinsComedian Dwayne Perkins guests on The Fort Podcast to talk about Dwayne's billionaire theory, Jay Z's 99 problems, renting rims, fast food madness, eating in the deep south and alien plans for the earth. Dwayne Perkins made his sitcom debut on the 2002 fall season premiere of CBS's "Baby Bob" as a guest star supplying comic relief. He has performed stand-up on "Late Night with Conan O'brien," and has been featured in the Montreal Comedy Festival. He has made international appearances in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and South Africa. Dwayne will be appearing in the upcoming HBO film "The Gristle." Kevin, Ed, Mike and Dwayne perform a radio sketch entitled "The Accident" written by Ed Galvez. Stick around as Kevin, Ed and Mike review the movie "Inception" during the last part of the show. This will probably be the last movie review on the show due to a slight format change. More information will follow. | Download Episode

Episode 12: Happy Days Are Here Again

Brian ScolaroBrian Scolaro (FOX's "Stacked," Showtime's "Dexter,"  TNT's "Men Of A Certain Age," NBC's "Late Night With Conan O'brien," HBO's "Life and Times of Tim," Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham," "Comedy Central Presents") returns to The Fort Podcast to talk about having the flu, odd food alergies, McDonald's crazy new sandwich, a dangerous town in Mexico, Ed's bar fight and Brian's terrible kidney stone. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Brian perform two radio sketches: "Chinese Restaurant" written by Brian Scolaro and "Freddy Krueger at Open Mic" written by Kevin Ford. The show ends with a review of the hilarious zombie film "Dead Snow."  | Download Episode

Episode 11: To Live and Die In Punk

Geoff BrousseauStand-up comedian Geoff Brousseau guests on The Fort Podcast to talk about why men are attracted to small women, hanging out at a pirate radio station, the best bar fight ever,amazing punk band drinking stories, waking up in a hotel room surrounded by a crop circle of urine, Geoff's worst heckler story and creating a fake band. Geoff was featured in the Vancouver Comedy Festival and the Boston Comedy Festival. He can currently be seen headlining stand-up shows around the country. Geoff performes two sketches with Kevin, Ed and Mike: "Saw VII" written by Ed Galvez and "X-Men...Era of The Dong" written by Geoff Brousseau. The show ends with Kevin, Ed and Mike reviewing the movie "Splice." | Download Episode 

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