Episode 10: Cults

T.J. MillerActor/comedian T.J. Miller joins The Fort Podcast to talk about the many people sharing his name, his recent brain surgery, starring in "Cloverfield" and improvising with a 500 pound grizzly bear. T.J. starred in J.J. Abrams "Cloverfield" as well as the 2008 TV series "Carpoolers." He has appeared in many films including "She's Out of My League" and "Extract" by Mike Judge. T.J. is currently appearing in "Get Him to the Greek" and will be starring as Ranger Jones in the upcoming feature "Yogi Bear."  He will also be seen starring next to Jack Black in the upcoming feature "Gulliver's Travels." Kevin, Ed, Mike and T.J. perform a radio sketch during the taping entitled "Snappy" written by Ed Galvez. Stick around as Kevin, Ed, and Mike discuss cults and review the film "Best Worst Movie." | Download Episode

Episode 9: Dating Sucks

Matt BraungerComedian/actor Matt Braunger joins The Fort podcast to talk about life in Los Angeles, the KFC DoubleDown, ridiculous age restrictions, superhero movies and Kevin's tough dating experiences. His television credits include Mad TV, Pushing Daisies, Carpoolers, Acceptable TV, Late Night with David Letterman, United States of Tara, Live at Gotham,  as well as a number of commercials. Matt's Comedy Central Presents aired on April 9th, 2010 and he is currently a regular panelist on Chelsea Lately. Matt performes two comedy radio sketches with Kevin, Ed and Mike during the taping: "Passing The Torch" written by Kevin Ford and "Blind Date" written by Ed Galvez. Also featured in this episode is a very special interview segment with the "knock your teeth out" hard rock band Brain Dead Burockracy set to headline the upcoming Punk Noir II showcase.Kevin, Ed and Mike end the episode with a review of the blockbuster Iron Man 2.  | Download Episode

Episode 8: Letters to the Devil

Frank ConniffWriter/actor/comedian Frank Conniff guests on this very special episode of "The Fort Podcast" to talk about his years starring on "Mystery Science Theater 3000," his new show "Cinematic Titanic," Mike's crazy pump-up song, the New York punk scene in the 1970's and the changing landscape of the television industry. Conniff starred on Comedy Central's famed series "Mystery Science Theater 3000." Frank moved on to become the executive story editor for ABC's "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" as well as the head writer for Nickelodeon's "Invader Zimm." Currently he can be seen performing around the country in his new show "Cinematic Titanic." He also co-hosts the popular stage show "Cartoon Dump" once a month at the Steve Allen theater in Los Angeles. Kevin, Ed and Mike are honored to perform a radio sketch with Frank during the taping entitled, "Cooking With Witch Mildred" written by Ed Galvez. The show also welcomes its new sponsor "Half Ass Productions" with the debut episode of the new series "The Adventures of Lor and Holly." Stick around for the last part of the show as Kevin, Ed and Mike review the remake of "Nightmare on Elm Street." | Download Episode 


Episode 7: Adventures on the High Seas

Phil RantaWriter/comedian Phil Ranta guests on this episode of The Fort Podcast to talk about his upcoming four month comedy improv tour on board a cruise ship, felony amounts of hashish during his vacation to Jamaica, cougars on the prowl, Mike's strange noises while urinating and Ed's worst job ever. Ranta is a proud member of the award winning Second City improv team "McShane." He currently writes for the weekly sketch show "Top Story! Weekly" at the iO West in Los Angeles. He can also be seen performing stand-up, sketch and improv with his talented groups "Take That Germany" and "Bro Squad 5." Phil performs two hilarious radio sketches with Kevin, Ed and Mike during the taping: "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" written by Kevin Ford and "The Secret Ingredient" written by Phil Ranta. The show ends with the boys reviewing the movie "Kick Ass." Kevin, Ed and Mike reveal their childhood dreams of being superheroes. | Download Episode 


Episode 6: Of Socks and Men

Ron LynchComedian, musician, actor and writer Ron Lynch joins Kevin, Ed and Mike on this weeks show to talk about career changes, crazy sword swallowers, how Kevin has changed, bar fights and bizarre band gigs. Ron Lynch has appeared on the "Sarah Silverman Program," "Andy Richter Controls The Universe," "Raising Dad" and "Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist." Ron's amazing voice-over talent has landed him roles on animated series such as "Home Movies" and "Tom Goes To The Mayor." He has landed himself as characters in FOX's upcoming animated series "Bob's Burgers" and PBS's animated series "Word Girl." Ron can also be seen performing in his band "The Tulsa Skull Swingers." Kevin, Ed, Mike and Ron perform two comedy radio sketches live during the taping: "Trials of Lunch" written by Ed Galvez and "Psychic Finanace" written by Kevin Ford. Stick around as Kevin, Ed and Mike review the new film "Clash of The Titans" and talk about Mike's weird masterbatory practices. | Download Episode 

Episode 5: Conspiracy Theories

Matt McCarthyComedian Matt McCarthy joins Kevin, Ed and Mike on this weeks show to talk about some crazy conspiracy theories, the many faces of Matt McCarthy on facebook, what action movies are declared as American classics and how to successfully book an acting gig. McCarthy is a featured stand-up comedian on Comedy Central and a co-host on AMC's "Action Pack" with Nick Stevens airing Wednesday nights at 8pm ET. He also appears as "the cable guy" in all of the Verizon televison commercials as well as numerous McDonalds and Guiness commercials. Matt will be appearing in the films: ""The Other Guys" starring Will Ferrell and "Mr. Tambourine Man" starring J.K. Simmons. Journey back in time to World War 2 as Kevin, Ed, Mike and Matt perform an amazing radio sketch written by Kevin Ford entitled, "War Is Hell." The show also features Kevin, Ed and Mike performing in the hilarious radio sketch "Last Request" written by Ed Galvez. The film "Alice In Wonderland" directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp is reviewed in the final segment of the show.
| Download Episode 

Episode 4: Tears For Pantera

Asterios KokkinosAsterios Kokkinos joins Kevin, Ed and Mike on this weeks podcast to talk about sexy cartoon women, Asterios's love of the Harlem Globetrotters, the last time Ed cried and the amazing things that show up on Youtube. Asterios is a writer and stand-up comedian who has written for National Lampoon and Cracked Magazine, was featured on NPR's "Marketplace" and had a pilot screened at the New York Television Festival. He performs stand-up all over New York, Boston and Los Angeles. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Asterios perform a radio comedy sketch live during the taping entitled, "The Gay Terminator" written by Asterios Kokkinos. The show also features a pre-recorded radio sketch entitled, "On The Set Of Doctor No" written by Kevin Ford. The show ends with a review of the film "The Crazies" directed by Breck Eisner and currently in theaters around the country. | Download Episode 

Episode 3: Land of Ghosts and Zombies

This week Kevin, Ed and Mike welcome special guest comedian Lizzy Cooperman to the show. Her unique and hilarious stand-up has landed her spots on "Late Night with Craig Ferguson" and "MTV's Most Valuable Players." The guys talk to Lizzy about her uncomfortable stalker fans, her psychic mother and her awkward meeting with Britney Spears in a clothing store. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Lizzy perform two comedy radio sketches live during the taping: "The Date" written by Ed Galvez and "Haunted Food Review" written by Lizzy Cooperman. In the last part of the show, Kevin, Ed and Mike review the recently released film "The Wolfman." Find out how the guys almost got there asses kicked in the theater when they went to see this movie. | Download Episode 

Episode 2: Ghosts, Planes and Dog Sledding

Brian ScolaroThis week Kevin, Ed and Mike welcome special guest comedian Brian Scolaro to the show. Brian Scolaro starred on FOX's "Stacked" next to Pamela Anderson and Christopher Lloyd for two seasons. He has also starred in Showtime's "Dexter,"  TNT's "Men Of A Certain Age," NBC's "Late Night With Conan O'brien," and HBO's "Life and Times of Tim." Scolaro has been a featured stand-up comedian on Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham," and he recently taped his own half hour special on "Comedy Central Presents: Brian Scolaro." In this very funny episode the guys talk about Brian's recent ghost experience, his experience sitting next to Michael Richards on a plane, his dog sledding adventure in Alaska and what it was like working with Christopher Lloyd. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Brian perform two comedy radio sketches live during the taping: "The Grandmother" written by Ed Galvez and "The Television Host" written by Brian Scolaro. The show ends with Kevin, Ed and Mike reviewing the horror movie "The House Of The Devil" directed by Ti West and recently released on DVD and Blu-ray. | Download Episode 

Episode 1: The Pilot Episode

This week Kevin, Ed, and Mike welcome special guest comedian and actor Josh Fadem for the debut, maiden voyage of The Fort Podcast. Josh Fadem performs a live recorded comedy radio sketch with Kevin, Mike, and Ed entitled, "Elevator." This episode also features a pre-recorded, hilarious comedy radio sketch entitled "Arnold Proposes." Mike, Kevin, and Ed cap off the episode with a review of Sci-Fi film "The Book Of Eli" and Horror movie "Daybreakers," as well as a review of the just released video game, "Mass Effect 2." | Download Episode

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