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Joe SibMy name is Joe Sib and along with my partner Bill Armstrong we own Sideonedummy Records,  home to: Flogging Molly, MXPX, The Suicide Machines, The Casualties, Go Betty Go, The Briggs, Bedouin Soundclash, The Dan Band, 7Seconds, Kill Your Idols and VCR.

Almost 2 years ago Indie 103.1 went on the air in Los Angeles and kicked commercial radio in the ass. Indie brings back the spirit of what radio original idea turn people on to new music!

I have been involved in Punk Rock since I was 14 years old. I was in my first band at 16 and went on my first tour at 18 opening for The Circle Jerks and 7 Seconds. I grew up in San Jose California in the early 80's and was lucky enough to be a part of an early DIY scene that was home to great bands like The Faction, Los Olvidados, Social Unrest,Executioner, Crucifix, Code Of Honor and many more.

In 1990 I decided it was time to head to LA. After hanging around for about 6 months I met three guys from Chicago and we decided to start a band. The band was called WAX and we spent the next 6 years touring and recording. Remeber the Spike Jonze "guy on fire" video? That was WAX.

I came up with the idea of Complete Control in May of 2004 and went on the air that same month! I love doing the show because I get to play whatever I want,whenever I want. It is a dream come true! Hope you like it . --joesib

Episode Appearances:

Episode 27: Days of Punk and Glory 5/22/11