Rick Overton

Rick Overton

Rick OvertonRick Overton has been doing standup comedy since before there were lockable steering columns on cars. But seriously, Rick believes that Comedy shares its roots with Country Western and The Blues because they're all just complaining to a rhythm.

When not doing standup comedy, Rick can be seen on local dog park paths getting to visit all the dogs he wants without having to actually own or pay for any of them.

Rick can currently be seen in Stephen Soderberg's THE INFORMANT starring Matt Damon. He's also Pam's Dad on THE OFFICE in the Wedding Episodes. He has a recuring role on TNT's LEVERAGE as an FBI agent, along with Gerry Downey. He can currently be seen starring in BAD TEACHER.

Rick's philosophy on life is - "One cannot achieve true happiness without Serotonin"

Episode Appearances:

Episode 28: The Darkest Parent Traps 7/15/11