Kimberly Clark

Kimberly ClarkOriginally from Syracuse, New York, Kimberly was born the daughter of a preacher father and a prim and proper mother who stressed the importance of writing thank you notes. She was a reserved and well-behaved child in public, but at home was the official family jester. In college, Kimberly realized she had the ability to make people laugh without deliberately being funny. Peers and professors all became victims of this under-cover clown’s unexpected bites of tasteful humor-laced wit that was always well timed. After graduating from Arizona State University, Kimberly headed further West to Los Angeles, where she worked in TV production, most notably the last two seasons of "The Drew Carey Show" and performed stand up at clubs and on "Lopez Tonight" in April of 2011.

Episode Appearances:

Episode 33: Kimberly Clark Air date: 11/3/11